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Hello, I’m Jack Beattie. A personable, professional and dedicated musician and teacher.


As a professional guitarist, I am a competent player of even the most technically demanding music, and I enjoy arranging and recording my own pieces for my online platforms. I have specialised in the performance of electric guitar, and jazz guitar but I also teach classical, bass guitar and ukulele.


I have played in various professional contexts – ensembles, concerts and musicals – over the years and I bring this performance experience to my teaching. Most recently, I have been enjoying the syncopated melodies of a Salsa band, which has offered fresh opportunities to extend my repertoire; I am always looking for ways to keep my passion for guitar alive. My special interest has long been jazz guitar; at college I received the Dave Joseph Award for my exceptional performance skills in that particular genre. Following on from college I moved to London, where I obtained my degree in music. I have also featured as a guitarist and vocalist on various EP, album, and radio recordings in Liverpool and London.


For the last twelve years, I have offered lessons for students of all abilities; more recently I have offered this service online. Having a wide range of experience and strong technical and theoretical knowledge, I am a confident tutor of hobby guitarists, young people taking grades and mature students. I take pride in tailoring my lessons to help each individual reach their personal goals, and play the music they love: whilst some prefer the systematic grades system, others wish to branch further and wider – and I am quite equal to the task of guiding them to enhance their playing in their particular context.


In our lessons, my goal is to pour into my students a passion for music like my teachers first gave me. Learning an instrument can change your life. It can give you a new confidence, a feeling of success and a new way to express yourself. It did in my life!


Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you.

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